Warehouse service

Warehouse suitable for large-volume storage. long term storage The types that are suitable for depositing items in the form of deposit in your personal store are as follows:

- Storage of goods during the renovation of the shop.
- Storing lots of furniture during big house renovations.
- Storage office furniture during work from home
- Storage a lot of products to wait for the new shop opening day.
- Hold stuff for a while waiting to be exported to foreign countries.

You can checking rental price as follows:

Monthly rental deposit

Type of rooms Dimension Monthly fee Weekly fee
S room5 Sqm.2,300 บาทTHB950
M room10 Sqm.4,200 บาท1,700 บาท
L room15 Sqm.5,700 บาท2,250 บาท
XL room20 Sqm.7,400 บาท2,950 บาท

Monthly rental deposit table at 1 time

Type of rooms 3 months rent at 1 time 6 months rent at 1 time 12 months rent at 1 time
S room6,850 บาท 13,600 บาท 26,900 บาท
M room12,500 บาท24,750 บาท48,950 บาท
L room16,950 บาท33,500 บาท66,450 บาท
XL room22,000 บาท43,500 บาท86,150 บาท

Deposit service per piece / day

The starting fee is 50 baht per 0.1 cubic meter.

Warehouse storage service the customer must to be use with packing and carrying for this package service only.

The highlights service as follow



Careful your stuff

Carry the stuff to storage by us


Security guards



When you already to choose our room you can contact with us