Self Storage service

Self storage suitable for storing personal items. For amount of stuff is not much. The types that are suitable for depositing items in the form of depositing in your personal store are as follows:

- Keep unnecessary things when you're still renovating your home.
- When you go back to the province, and still have some stuff to keep.
- Long term university closure, keep personal items from apartment.
- When you travel abroad and need to store furniture.

You can checking rental price as follows:

Table rental price of ground floor.

Type of roomsDimensionMonthly rentDaily rental
Begin (Size M )4 sqm. WxL (2×2 m.)2,900 THB200 THB
Personal (Size L )8 sqm. WxL (2×4 m.)5,500 THB350 THB
The big (Size XL )16 sqm. WxL (4×4 m.)10,500 THB600 THB

Table rental price of seccond floor.

Type of rooms Dimension Monthly rent Daily rental
Begin (Size M ) 4 sqm. WxL (2×2 m.) THB2,700 190 THB
Personal (Size L ) 8 sqm. WxL (2×4 m.) THB5,250 330 THB
The big (Size XL ) 16 sqm. WxL (4×4 m.) THB10,000 570 THB

Services with outstanding features for Self storage are as follows:


Careful your stuff


Checking list


Security guards




Key lock

When you already to choose our room you can contact with us