Our Storage

problem of urban people who have houses or condos that have less and less space to keep something What about your personal stuff? Where to keep? Love things, treasures, collectibles, important things that are getting more and more every day, office stuff Where should the accounting documents be kept? You can check our room with us in the form of options that suit you.


• Renovate for your home , furniture, decorations, personal items. Where should you keep it?
• Sports equipment, toys, books, collectibles, miscellaneous items etc. that place full in your home. Where should you keep it?
• Traveling abroad or upcountry for a long time. Where should you keep it?
• There are a lot of company document, Where should you keep it?
• Exhibition booths, banners, billboards, and public relations media must be kept for future use. Where do you keep it?

Just you can choose the style and size of the room according to the product type and style with us. We have 2 types of storage for you. You can check the room size. And the price with us according to the schedule can be found in the form of room rental services.

Our storage service and table price