Chaos in your room and so crowed. There are no storage. Are you looking for storage right? Try to looking for our service.

Steps of service


1.If you want to find storage for keep and interested to our service. You can contact us to consult the service. Inquire about our services

Carry and delivery

4. If you don't have the time for take your stuff into our storage, We have carrying and delivery into storage service for you.


2. After you ask our service and you are interested in our service You can make an appointment with us in advance so that the service will check the room and arrange it for you.


5. Our storage facility is standard. including security, storage, and cleanliness


3. If you bring your stuff to our storage and you need protection before it goes into storage our storage. We have packing stuff before storing it for you.

Give key card

6. We have a key card key when given to you for verification when you want to enter the venue to see it. or check your product

Our storage

Self Storage

Self storage suitable for storing personal items. For amount of stuff is not much. The types that are suitable for depositing items in the form of depositing in your personal store are as follows:

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The space for rent

Warehouse suitable for large-volume storage. long term storage Which type is suitable for depositing items in the form of deposit in your personal store.

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